Group Therapy


In one group, children work on anger management techniques, social skills, accepting consequences, self control, self-esteem, paying attention, making/keeping friends, and problem solving through the use of therapeutic games and peer evaluation.

In a separate group parents are learning behavioral strategies to help them better deal with and react to their child’s behavior problems. Some of these strategies include focusing attention on good behavior, using positive and negative reinforcement, learning how to increase their child’s self esteem, and improving child-parent relationships.

*Children’s Group is held every Monday (excluding holidays) from 4:00pm – 5:15pm. Ages 5-12 years old.


Group is designed for adolescents who have difficulty controlling their anger and/or expressing their anger in appropriate ways. In addition, we also work on social skills, problem solving, self-esteem, making/keeping friends, and accepting consequences.

During these sessions, a cognitive-behavioral model of anger management is used to help adolescents learn the difference between the emotion of anger an the act of aggression. Using a model illustrating Thoughts-Behaviors-Consequences, adolescents learn about the cyclical nature of anger and its expression. Therapeutic games and peer feedback are also employed as methods of instruction.

*Adolescent Group is held every Thursday from 4:00pm -5:15pm. Ages 12-18 years old.


Group is designed for adults who are currently struggling with managing various kinds of physical stress. In group, members learn ways to better cope with their conditions and how to reduce the impact of stress on their daily lives.

During these sessions, members learn stress management techniques and relaxation training through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT model). Members also are able to openly discuss experiences with one another as a way of working through frustrations with Chronic Pain, Depression, and Anxiety.

*Adult group is held twice a month on Thursdays from 12:00pm-1:00pm.

Following the initial evaluation, if group therapy is recommended an appointment is NOT required, you may attend at your convenience.