We Provide Full Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Evaluations

We provide a full psychological evaluation which can offer recommendations for treatment and understanding of emotional and/or cognitive issues that may be impacting your life. The assessment tools are determined after a thorough clinical interview. The process consists of a clinical interview, psychological testing, and a follow-up session including a report.

Evaluations can include those used to diagnose learning disabilities, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, depression, personality disorders, or other areas of concern. They can include those used in school placement issues. Adult assessments can also include intelligence and personality testing.

Behavioral Consultations

(Ages 3-17)

Sessions with parents to provide skills used to respond effectively to their child’s individual needs and navigate through difficult behaviors.

Adolescent Therapy

(Ages 12-17)

Therapy aimed at helping adolescents deal with emotions as well as helping them navigate through everyday challenges and manage life stressors.

Therapy for Adults

( Ages 18+)

Therapy geared at providing support and problem-solving skills through a variety of emotional, behavior, developmental, and relationship issues.

Gifted Evaluations

(Ages 5 – 11)

Achievement testing is used to determine a child’s knowledge and intelligence testing used to evaluate a child’s cognitive abilities. These assessments are given to determine at what level an individual is functioning. This is not covered by insurance and the total cost ranges from $300 – $450.

Preoperative Evaluations

( Ages 18+)

Psychological evaluation used to assess the patient’s ability to cope with the psychological stressors that can accompany major surgical procedures.

Fitness for Duty

(Ages 18+)

Psychological evaluation used to determine a patient’s mental fitness for specific employment. This is not covered by insurance and the total cost ranges from $600 – $750.